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Professional Fee Insurance | Taxation Support Services
Chartered Accountant & Business Consultant - Meredith Harington

Professional Fee Insurance

Professional fee insurance covers the cost of our services in the event that SARS raises an enquiry into your tax affairs.

If you are selected for an investigation or audit, we will do our utmost to ensure that the outcome is as favourable for you as it can be. We will attempt to contain the assessment, as well as any penalties as far as possible. However, this can take a considerable amount of time.

For a small annual premium, the insurance will provide you with the equivalent of up to R250 000 for business clients and R50 000 for private clients, worth of our time in the event of a written intervention by the tax authorities. This insurance covers not only enquiries into tax returns, but also PAYE and VAT compliance visits and other SARS interventions like capital gains disputes. The services could also include dispute resolution hearings, appeals to the Tax Board and / or Tax Court, giving you the comfort of knowing that you have adequate resources to fully defend undue tax demands. Of course fraudulent tax evasion is excluded, as are late submissions of returns and failure to keep proper records.

With this insurance we can dedicate as much time as necessary to get you the best result, while you can be assured that the cost is already covered.

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