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Payroll Outsourcing

Changes in both tax and labour legislation have made the payroll function increasingly complex.

Are you confident that your staff have the expertise to accurately and efficiently handle your company’s payroll?

We offer the following standard services:

  • Processing of salaries and wages, including preparation of payslips
  • Reconciliation of all company and other deductions
  • Compiling of all salary related reports
  • Making of statutory and sundry payments, such as PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Preparation of IRP5 certificates and bi-annual reconciliation of PAYE deductions
  • Processing and administering of changes (such as banking details) in respect of individual employees

The benefits of outsourcing to you include:

  • Time spent capturing payroll data is eliminated
  • IRP5 processes and administration are taken care of
  • You have access to our up to date knowledge of current tax legislation
  • Your sensitive/confidential data is secure from employees
  • SARS administration and liaison is done for you
  • A dedicated person will handle all queries from your administration
  • Stationery and software costs and annual licensing fees are reduced
  • Data is stored securely and is subject to thorough back-up procedures
  • Above all you have the peace of mind that unnecessary penalties will be avoided and your obligations to staff will be met

Payroll is a sensitive business issue. Get it wrong and your employees will be unhappy. At tax year end, there are strict timetables for the submission of payroll records to SARS. Get it wrong and there will be penalties.

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