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Fees and Billing | General Pages
Chartered Accountant & Business Consultant - Meredith Harington

Fees and Billing

We understand the conundrum facing businesses in regard to professional fees. On the one hand, entrepreneurs need the best advice they can afford in order to institute structures which will optimise profitability and protect them from costly mistakes. On the other hand, they would like some certainty in all business expenditure.

By definition, professional fees which buy years of expertise and experience, will not come cheap. To avoid remorse when paying professional fees you should satisfy yourself upfront as to:

  • The experience and reputation of the professional firm
  • The value they add through pragmatic assistance
  • How fees will be calculated
  • How the assignment can be planned in order to contain costs
  • What you can do to avoid unnecessary time being spent by the professional team
  • What the deliverables and timeframe will be for the assignment

When Meredith Harington undertakes any assignment our involvement is to a large extent dictated by the underlying and available records of the client.  It follows that if such records are complete, in good order and readily available, our time necessarily spent will be contained.

We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation. We will use the consultation time to help understand your business needs and answer your queries as to how we can work together. While it is not intended that detailed business advice will be given at this time, no charge will be levied for the first hour of the consultation.

Our fees are generally based on the time expended and have regard to the level of experience of the partners and staff concerned.  We are able to agree a fixed fee for key yearly tasks upfront to give you complete peace of mind to future costs. In addition a number of tax and company secretarial tasks are charged at fixed tariffs which are available at the time of giving us an instruction.

Prior to our commencing an assignment we will on request let you have an estimate of our costs thereof. Such estimate will take into account our best assessment of the work required to meet your needs, based on information which you give us. It is important to understand that should the facts differ from such assumptions additional time might be required. This will of course affect our fee.

Meredith Harington draws on its many years of experience and offers a highly reputable suite of professional services which are intended to balance quality with cost ie. to give the client real value.

As a guide the following are our current rates:

  • Partners R2050 per hour
  • Managers R1200 per hour (average)
  • Weighted average rate for team assignments R550 per hour

Payment of our fees is generally by EFT and bank details are set out on our fee notes. Please ask us for details of our generous preferential settlement rates which are offered to clients who settle their accounts within 15 days of billing.

Please note that due to the low volume of requests for payments to be made by way of a credit card transaction, we are unable to accommodate this means of payment at this time.

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