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Behind Meredith Harington | General Pages
Chartered Accountant & Business Consultant - Meredith Harington

Behind Meredith Harington

Mission Vision Values"Our objective is to be market leaders in adding value to our clients, by providing relevant financial solutions  through knowledge and experience at the highest professional level  for the ultimate benefit of all our staff and shareholders. We strive to achieve this through integrity, courage, consistency and innovation."


As an accounting firm, Meredith Harington is values driven. In addition to being highly qualified, knowledgeable and ethical individuals, every person you'll encounter in our company subscribes implicitly to our core values of honesty, respect, accountability, service delivery, integrity, open communication, professionalism and leadership through innovation.

These aren't values that are prescribed to employees of Meredith Harington. They are the values that have been recognised as already present within the organisation by the very people who work here.

Our objective is to create a platform for sustainable growth through our values-driven culture. The Meredith Harington values support and drive three crucial areas of our business:

  • How we Serve our Clients
  • How we Support our People
  • How we Support each other as Professional Colleagues

We believe that our core values enable our people to be united in a common purpose which naturally in turn gives Meredith Harington a competitive edge.

Genuine success does not come from only proclaiming our company values, but from consistently putting them into daily practice.

In other words "how we do business" both internally and with our clients is an important part of our company's culture and also forms part of how we evaluate the performance of our staff.

Over the years, we have found that these core values, combined with absolute service excellence, are what make Meredith Harington attractive to so many discerning businesses in South Africa.


A distinguishing mark of a profession is acceptance of its responsibility to the public. The accountancy profession's public consists of clients, government, employers, staff, investors, the business and financial community, and others who rely on the objectivity and integrity of the profession to maintain the orderly functioning of commerce. This reliance imposes a public interest responsibility on the accountancy profession.

It is in the best interest of the accountancy profession to make known to users of the services provided by members of the profession that they are executed at the highest level of performance and in accordance with ethical requirements.

The fundamental principles encompassed in the Codes of Professional Conduct of our profession, and which may be taken as a given at Meredith Harington are:

  • Integrity & Objectivity
  • Competence & Due Care
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional Behaviour
  • Professional Standards

How We Are Different

We believe our edge over many of our competitors is influenced by our:

  • Attitude
    We have a real interest in our clients' financial welfare and we encourage our staff on a daily basis to demonstrate the same. This is evident in the amount of training our staff receive. In addition to technical training to enable them to execute their jobs effectively, we have regular sessions for all staff, covering entrepreneurial and communication skills.

  • Infrastructure
    We make full use of cutting edge technology and systems to support our aim for excellence.

  • Personnel Structure
    By employing appropriate staff, we ensure partner availability for consultation at relatively short notice. In this way we can contribute meaningfully to our clients' bottom lines.

  • Office Morale
    We try to think out of the box when it comes to getting staff involved. All staff undergo training and development, no matter their level. Through our social club we encourage participation by all staff in all of our initiatives, including spending time outside of work hours getting to know each other a little better.
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